I fangirl about A LOT of things

I watch:

-Orphan Black

-Agents of SHIELD

-Warehouse 13

-Orange Is The New Black

-Once Upon a Time (occasionally)

and others that i can't think up of at the moment.

I ship:





-Sleeping Warrior

-all the other clone/clone ships such a soccercop and propunk (it's not incest. It's masturbation. Or gay)


-Wells and Bering... Bering and Wells


-Elsanna (brotp) and many more.

I post whatever tickles my fancy.

Also music is my life.

I like Fifth Harmony, Courage My Love, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, The Summer Set, echosmith, PARAMORE, PARAMORE, and PARAMORE.

Come here and lemme talk to you! ^3^

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